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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And We're back....sort of

Miles turned 3!!! We had a pirate party and it was so much fun. I will go into more details in a future post.

Here are a few pics for now. There's so much to update....Thanksgiving, Sea World, Birthday parties....but for the last month we have all been taking turns being sick, mostly Eli. So, he's been moved back into the office to sleep, which happens to be where the computer is, which means when the kids are sleeping and I have down time to update my blog, I don't have a computer. Finals are upon us and John is gone until 1:00am or so every night and he takes his lap top with him so I can't use that one either. Sorry it's been a while (mom, dad, g-ma and g-pa Hurst and anyone else who checks in often). But in the next few weeks there will be a lot of updates.....Aunt "Stefafee's" visit, my parents visit, The Ferguson's visit, Christmas, etc. So stayed tuned:)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ok, so this was taken during potty training. Miles and I were connected at the hip for about 5 days. We hardly left the house and spent every waking minute together. The best part of this is that we really dug through our toy chest and played with just about every toy we had. When Eli takes a nap I usually have Miles go into his room for 1/2 hour - 45 min for quiet play. But not this week. I went in and played with him and had so much fun. He is so creative. I can't express this enough. This little block creation is "Gary", Sponge Bob's pet snail. At one point he even put a bunch of yellow blocks on Gary's back and said that he was giving Sponge Bob a piggy back ride. We played with Gary and Sponge Bob for a good 20 min before moving on to the next creative block creation. I'm so grateful I get to experience the magic of raising children.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Totally random update and thoughts

Weather: So, I just got back from Super Wal-Mart and I saw two people wearing pants, long sleeve shirts and.....SCARFS. Current temp, 71. I know our bodies are used to 90's. That's what the temp has been for the last five months. And, it is pretty breezy out there tonight but....REALLY? Scarfs??? COME ON!

Football Game: Last night we went to Naples High football game. Miles and Eli had such a great time. It was their first football game. When the band was performing at half time, Eli was waving his arms and clapping. He was just taking it all in. Miles gave the eagle, their mascot, a high five. Some of the band members went through the stands selling drinks. When they came by us Miles waved his hand and said, "Right here, I want one." It's like he's been going to games for years. So, of course we had to give him a dollar (our last one). Even today he was talking about how he put the dollar in the cup and got a soda. I think it was the best $11 we've spent in a long time ($5/ticket and $1 for the soda).

Future Missionary: Lately Miles has been carrying around a Book of Mormon and likes me to sing the song "Book of Mormon stories." Some how it ended up in our car. Last night we were driving and the weather was so nice we rolled down the windows. We were at a red light and the car next to us also had their windows down. Miles said, "Hi." and the guy said hi back. Then Miles held up his book and said, "Book of Mormon." The other guy just said, "What?" Then the light turned green. We were turning left and he was going straight. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he would have been baptized because who can turn down Miles.

Potty training update: Miles is doing really well over all. We had an interesting walk home from the mail box today though. Our neighbor was out washing his car and I almost asked him to hose off Miles from the waist down. We were only gone 10 min. But I guess when you have to go, you have to go. I think Miles knew I didn't enjoy cleaning up his accident because afterward he told me my hair was pretty and when we got into the car to go pick up John at school, he let me listen to my music instead of asking to listen to "Lightning McQueen" song or "Baseball song" (take me out to the ball game) or the Veggie Tales Cd. He said, "I like your song mom."

One really positive thing about this week (besides that Miles is doing better than I thought) is I feel like Miles and I have really bonded. That's bound to happen when you're together in the house all week, constantly keeping my eye on him so he wouldn't go to his usual "poop" spots (his closet with the doors closed, under Eli's crib, or the little space between the side of the couch and the wall in the office). We're doing something hard together. We're growing (I'm growing in patience) and learning (Miles is learning how to be more independent). And we're doing it together. I'm grateful for this experience.

Eli Update: Eli is really into books lately. He loves the animal books. He'll point to the pic of the dog and say "woof" (sounds like voof). He'll point to the cat and say "meow" (sounds like mow). And he'll point to the gorilla and do the "Indian chant", when you open your mouth and pat it with your hand. His other favorite book is "Wheels on the Bus." We sing that song while looking at that book A LOT.

Ice cream you have to try: Ben and Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake with swirls of graham crackers. I haven't bought ice cream in a month or more but this just looked too good to pass up. It is so YUMMY! John and I give it two thumbs way up. Hope you're able to enjoy some too.

So, that does it for my totally random post:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Miles caught his first lizard all by himself! I could hardly believe it when he brought it inside and said, "Mom, look, I caught a lizard." He was so proud of himself.

We found this little guy right outside our front door one evening. Also living by our front door is a little tiny frog, only about 2 inches. Sometimes when we open and close our door he likes to hop right on in. He probably hears how loud we are all the time and thinks it's one big party.

What has our family been up to.......

Being boys

Walking (he'll walk with out this toy but he goes faster with it, so he uses it quite a bit. It helps him to keep up with Miles when they're chasing each other.
Hanging out


Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli (October 19th)

I can't believe it's already been a year!!! You know how they say you forget the pain of child birth as time passes...well, I remember it like it was yesterday, no kidding. I still think I'd opt for an epidural even though the recovery with out one is so much quicker. So, if and when we have another baby, it's not because I don't remember the pain. It's because they're so cute and wonderful and they make me a better person. I truly believe that being a mom allows me the opportunity to develop Christ like attributes.

Our little Eli has been such a wonder boy.... happy, sweet, curious and cuddly. He and Miles are getting to be great buds. Miles is SUCH a great brother to him. The other night Eli woke up around 3:00 am and I moved him into the other room in his port-a-crib so he wouldn't wake Miles up. About 6:45 Miles woke up panicked...."Mom, Mom!" I ran in there, "What Miles, what's the matter?" "Where's Eli?" "He's in the other room sleeping, it's OK." "No it's not, he has to sleep in here, in his crib mom." Also on mornings when I just don't feel like getting out of bed, Miles will play in his room for 15-20 min (until I concede to the morning) and he'll even put toys in Eli's crib so he can play too. It really helps a mother and a brother out:)

Eli had his 1 year check up today and he did great at the Doctors office. He only cried for a minute, maybe less, while they gave him the shots (we have to go do blood work next week, that could be a different story) He weighed 21 lbs 4 oz (15 % I think) and was 30 in (50%). He's starting to walk a little. He took three steps the other day, but still prefers his funny little scoot.

We love you Eli! We're so glad you're a part of our family!
This was his birthday cupcake

Eli's new toy

An evening at the park the night after Eli's birthday (we have so many pics of Miles at the park and realized we hadn't taken any of Eli). Eli loves the swing and he loves to hang on the bars. But mostly he loves to crawl around in the bark and do his own thing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Popsicles and Play-Doh

We should have invested in a popsicle company before moving to Naples. Eli LOVES to share his popsicles and he's pretty forceful about it. He shoves it right in your face, and if you turn your head because you don't want any he hits you with it until you do. Miles calls popsicles puga-pops, and half the time I give him one just so I can hear him say it.

Also this summer, Miles discovered Play-Doh and is so creative! Below is a picture of a pizza he made.

This is a picture of his wombat. One afternoon we made a wombat, an imu, and her nest complete with eggs. We acted out a scene in one of Miles books about a wombat who is looking for a new home because he's tired of living in his burrow. The wombat found a great big nest and was just making himself at home when angry Mrs. Emu came and said, "Get out of my nest, this is my nest!" And shoos the wombat away. Miles loves that part and we must have repeated that scene a dozen times before moving on to his next Play-Doh creation.

Video of Miles and Eli smacking away on their "puga-pops"

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eli really likes to try and feed himself. Sometimes he will even spit out his food if I'm feeding it to him, at which point I hand him the spoon and let him have at it.

This is miles 24/7! Who knew Mac 'n Cheese was this exciting.

This one's for Gma and Gpa Hurst

I've been thinking about both of you and your garden and how things are going. I was going to send an e-mail, but thought you'd enjoy an update on my blog instead. So, here it is.... hope you enjoy it. And I hope all is well.

Field trip to the fire station. Miles loves fire trucks! We check out a book from the library about fire trucks and fire fighters. We love to put on our fire helmets and our masks (empty play-doh containers) and pretend we're firefighters while reading it. I couldn't get any good pics for two reasons: my camera battery died, and Miles wouldn't hold still for a second. He was really excited and going faster than usual (hard to believe).

Field trip to Cici's Pizza. We got to go to one of our favorite pizza places and learn how to make pizza. It was great fun and the free pizza afterwards was delicious! Yesterday at Miles play group he learned how to make bread dough and was talking about it a lot, so I think tonight for dinner we'll make pizza dough and home made pizza. He really enjoys helping me in the kitchen.

Don't know how to turn this one around (maybe John can help when he gets home). I can't believe Eli will be 1 year old on the 19th! He is just about walking. He took his first step yesterday. Today he ate Fruit loops for the first time. He is finally sleeping through the night, most nights. HE EATS A TON!! He is still as sweet as can be and generally happy. Although he's starting to become a little stinker when he doesn't get what he wants. But the screaming and crying only lasts a couple minutes then he's forgotten it and he's on to the next thing.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is at one of our favorite parks. They have a "digging adventure" site filled with tons (no, literally I think it was a couple tons) of this river rock pebble.... stuff (something like that) from Alaska. You have to dig quite a bit to discover hidden artifacts (obviously remakes) from one of the native Floridian Indian Tribes. Miles and Eli both love it. The park provides a bunch of Tonka digging trucks and we usually bring a shovel and a bucket.
Miles is really into robots lately. There is an episode of Sesame Street where they have "helper" robots who help clean up and do other tasks. Miles loves to pretend to be one. John did this one night when I was at YW

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Conversations.....

This morning John and Miles were down stairs. I was up in bed taking a nap. Miles asked John if he could have chocolate milk. John said, "let's go ask mom." Miles said, " mom just says no."

When we were driving home from church today I was sitting in the back seat with the boys and from out of no where Miles said, "Mom, you're pretty.... your arm is pretty, your shirt is pretty and your hair is pretty." This was of course right after he poked me in the eye for the tenth time. Maybe he could sense I was getting frustrated with him.

And last, in his bed time prayer tonight we were saying our thank yous....thank you for Jesus, Mom, Dad, Miles....and then we got to Eli. He didn't say thank you for Eli, he said, "Eli not break my track or play with my trains!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is for all our fans out there.....both of you.

Sorry I've dropped the ball in updates. We have a ton of pictures on our camera that we need to download still, so this will be just a quick update on what's been going on..........

Eli- loves to clap and does it all the time, after every song either being sung by mom or on the radio. He waves bye-bye and blows kisses. He's standing on his own and takes steps when he's holding onto things. He loves to feed himself and will only eat baby food when he's really hungry or you sneak it in his mouth in between bites. His favorite things to eat are pizza, bananas, popsicles, cheerios, and he really enjoyed the meat loaf I made last night. He's not sleeping through the night yet but is getting better. He's still as sweet and content as ever unless you take something away he really wants. Then he only screams for a minute. I love my little Eli. I can't believe he's 11 months old already.

Miles: He still cracks me up!!! He is so creative in his play lately, it amazes me and I'm grateful I get to witness the wonder and magic. He started pre-school today (that's why I'm able to do this update). It's more like an organized play group once a week with three other mom's, four kids total. We each take a week so we only host it once a month and we do very basic themes...letters, colors, shapes, animals etc..... I think Miles will really like it. He also LOVES swimming. We figured out a system where he can swim all by himself. He wears a life vest and those little arm floaties and off he goes, all around the pool. It's really nice because we have a play group every Fri and it's always at someone's swimming pool. I've been reluctant to take both boys by myself but now we'll be going every week (that is until the weather turns bad and they close the pools.....oh wait....we're in Naples, that won't happen until.......:)

Wendy: I'm still trying to get a regular work out routine down. I'm getting better but not there yet. My sister is coming in Dec and we're going to run to the beach (I can't remember if it's 6 or 7 miles) so I'd better get working!I'm enjoying my calling in YW. It's nice to have all the girls back now that summer is over and school has started. I'm really starting to feel settled and really enjoying Naples. I've stared reading again. Over the summer I finished the Twilight series (for the second time, don't ask me why) and Pride and Prejudice. I'm now reading a book called the Poisonwood Bible, a story told by the wife and four daughters of an evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959 during Congo's fight for Independence from Belgium. I've only read the first few pages but it seems really interesting and can't wait to dive into it.

John: Is really getting into his groove....seminary from 5:50-6:40 then head to the beach for a swim. Come home, take a shower, get ready, eat breakfast and ride his bike to school. He's taking five classes and is on the moot court board. I don't know how he maintains such a rigorous schedule that offers so little time for anything else.......down time, fun stuff, being sick etc. He's awesome, Go John go!!!!!

Well that's all for now. I'd better start cleaning before it's time to get Miles. I have one hour. If you saw my house you'd know it would take a miracle!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meal times are never boring

Miles and Eli Love playing in their boats.
These two are becoming great friends

Miles is still wearing his "baseball hat"


Miles and I have been having some really fun and interesting conversations lately. They go something like this:

"Mom, have booger" as he's showing it to me on his finger
"Miles did you pick a booger out of your nose?"
"Ya, I eat."
"No Miles, we don't eat boogers."
"I eat it for dinner."
"No silly, we don't eat boogers for dinner."
"Oh, OK." (then a pause) "I eat it for lunch."

A couple weeks ago I put both the boys down for a nap. More needed a break so they went into their room. I was pretty sure they wouldn't actually sleep. About half an hour later I heard a lot of noise so I went up there. I walked in and found Miles holding onto the bars of the crib and shaking them. Eli was totally entertained by it. Then Miles saw that I had poked my head in the room.....

"Oh crap, back to bed" he said
I was laughing so hard, I had never heard him use that word before. Then Miles said, "Not funny mom, not funny."

He is always telling me to "be careful", "watch out", "that's sharp" when I'm holding a knife, scissors or a razor while shaving my legs, and my favorite one..."mom don't stick your fingers in the fan, big owee's!!!"

A few of my favorite things he says.... " holy molie", "Oh gosh", puga-pop (for popsicle), "funna" (for thunder), "Pofit Monsa" (prophet Monson), and my favorite, "miss you mom" as I'm putting him to bed for the night.

All of this proves to me that he does hear me even when I don't think he's listening. We are now in the phase where John and I have to spell things out and really watch what we say.

Conversations with Eli go something like this:"Eli, are you ever going to sleep through the night?" Eli just smiles back as if to say, "keep wishing mom." This conversation usually happens around midnight and 3:00 am every night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So on a whim we decided to go find an alligator. We heard the best spot to see them is down 41 other wise know as tamiami trail (given this name because it connects Tampa and Miami). Forty five minutes later we were in the Everglades in a huge rain storm with mosquitoes that could care less that you had taken a bug spray bath. The end result.... we saw one dead alligator, two live ones swimming of the side of the road, I got thirteen bites in three minutes, and we took five mosquitoes home with us (they feasted the whole way home in the car). What a great trip with the fam. Below are a few pics of Everglades city.Community church

City Hall