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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Conversations.....

This morning John and Miles were down stairs. I was up in bed taking a nap. Miles asked John if he could have chocolate milk. John said, "let's go ask mom." Miles said, " mom just says no."

When we were driving home from church today I was sitting in the back seat with the boys and from out of no where Miles said, "Mom, you're pretty.... your arm is pretty, your shirt is pretty and your hair is pretty." This was of course right after he poked me in the eye for the tenth time. Maybe he could sense I was getting frustrated with him.

And last, in his bed time prayer tonight we were saying our thank yous....thank you for Jesus, Mom, Dad, Miles....and then we got to Eli. He didn't say thank you for Eli, he said, "Eli not break my track or play with my trains!"


MAG of Marie Photographie said...

LOVE it! Miles must keep you guys so entertained.

Anonymous said...

thank you! This is only the 12th time I've checked your blog this week:) Yes, I'll admit I'm a little addicted... Give Miles a big hug for me! love you!