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Monday, December 29, 2008

Many of you may recognize this. For those who do not this is a the Christus in the visitor center on temple square in Salt Lake City. Im sharing this because of the experience that I had while taking these pitchers. I walked over to the visiter center while Wendy was feeding Eli in the marriage waiting room (Cory, Wendy's cuisine got married). I found myself with Wendy's brother Richard all alone looking at the Christus. This is a rare event in it self, usually the place is bustling with people. I had perviously planed on getting a shot of Christ from underneath him. So, I kneeled down to take the pitcher. I then realized what I was doing. I was kneeling before a representation of our savior. I began to think what it would be like to kneel before Christ himself. The phase came to mind "every knee shall bow...". So, I thought I would ask the group who is this Jesus? What is he to each of you? What is he like? What will it be like to kneel before him?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random pics and videos

We blessed Eli on December 7th. My brother Rich was able to be here. He coincidentally had an interview at U of M the same weekend we were planning the blessing. Jeanne was also here the first week of December. She came out to help with Miles and the new baby while John was away studying. It was so nice having the extra hands and also being able to run errands with out packing up the kids. John enjoyed showing her around his school and having her read one of his papers (It's called a memo, but it was 14 pages long. Aren't memo's supposed to go on post-it know the little yellow square pieces of paper? It was the longest memo I've ever read). I don't think it matters how old you get, John still wanted to impress his mom with his school work. Our friend Rob was also in town. We were able to have lunch with him. It was nice to visit with him and catch up. We are SOOOOOO looking forward to spending more time with family and friends over the holidays.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where has December gone?

This month has been really busy so far! Ok, well actually, I only leave the house once or twice a week, but John is gone probably 16 hours each day while he is studying for finals, so that doesn't leave me with much down time at home, hence the reason we haven't updated our blog lately. But finals will be over on the 18th and then we'll be heading home to Utah for Christmas. We are both looking forward to this trip.

We started this month off celebrating Miles 2nd birthday. He turned 2 on Dec. 1st. He is one of the funniest little kids I know. And some days....not so funny. He is exploding with new words all the time. He still LOVES playing with cars and he also likes trains. We watch the movie "Polar Express" almost every day. He calls it the choo choo movie. He also loves feeding everything and putting everything to bed.... his cars, his animals, his my little pony from a Mc Donald's happy meal, his firemen and his Elmo. Elmo probably gets washed weekly to get the oat meal and yogurt off. Then he'll say, "nigh nigh" and lay them down. He likes putting together his train tracks and building tall buildings with his blocks. And he loves jumping! we jump everywhere, but mostly on his big boy bed (which he's not sleeping in yet but will be after we get back from Utah).

Miles favorite food right now is a hot dog. We came home from church today and before we walked in the door he said, "ha da" (hot dog). He also really likes scrambled eggs (he'll eat three sometimes four), cereal, (any thing but cheerios and kix, he really likes shredded wheat) and hot chocolate with whip cream.

Miles has been a really great big brother so far. He likes to show Eli his cars and motorcycles. I think he's expecting Eli to hold them and then I tell Miles that the baby can't hold them yet, but thank you for sharing. He gives me (and Eli) this look as if to say, "That's really lame, you're no fun to play with." And, Miles always lets me know when Eli is crying. He'll say, "Mom, baby crying!" as he holds his hands over his ears. He'll say this over and over until Eli stops.

I still can't believe It's been two months since Eli was born. Time goes by so quickly....and some days seem to go on forever. I am so grateful for my boys. They make me laugh, smile, cry, scream.....they make me happy. Being a mom gives you the opportunity to develop Christ-like attributes everyday...patience, unconditional love, kindness, patience, patience and more patience. The hard part is sometimes choosing to practice them, especially when you're running on empty. But, I am grateful all the same and if I ever make it to heaven, I'll have my boys to thank.