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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wild Florida; part 2, spiders


Florida makes so crazy big spiders.

The first spider lives in a tree above our drive way. Each night it drops down to build a web. It is about it size of a golf ball. I almost ran face first into him one night while taking out the trash. Im not sure what type it is but I think it is really cool looking.

the long slender looking one is a banana spider and was about the size of my flat hand. There are acualy two off these ladies and two males on the side of my fathers house. You can see the male spider in the fist pick of the bannana. Hes the small 2 - 3 inch guy (funny that that's small here). I think its safe to say who wears the pants in the banana spider family.


Steve and Donna said...

I think I'll have you guys visit my house instead :)

mbhcimlay said...

Nothing is small-time at the Watson's house of champions... Not even the bugs. :) You guys are awesome, and thanks for sharing the uniqueness of wild Florida with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the first spider pictured is a neoscona crucifera - or the common orbweaver. Very scary looking, but harmless:)