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Friday, September 2, 2011

Our little guy exercizing

Check out our little guy. He is sporting a sweat band I purchased for my bike training rides in the house. A little background, our boys have been fighting over who gets to wear the "band of power" (sweat band) for a week now. We thought it was Liam's turn to try it on. This was how the band of power worked through him.

PS - Wendy thinks this is totally gross to share a sweaty gym band. She also doesn't appreciate its high fashion.


Kandis Mortensen said...

Ok! First off, let me just say that I truly appreciate the updates on each of the boys (helps me feel a little less sad about being so far away and never even holding that baby!)
2nd==the sharks are FREAKIN' awesome and the spiders and beautiful, but scary too:)
Every time I read this blog I miss you all like crazy!
(the baby head-band rocks... but Wendy is right... sharing sweat is gross:)

Barbara Hurst said...

I just love watching this video. I bet I have seen it 20 times. It was fun seeing Liam via the webcam Sunday. We need to do that more often. He is growing up so fast!!

Hopefully we will see you in Dec. Where ever you are! Love mom