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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to Wendover......and hello Air Supply!!!
This is the next morning after staying up till 1:00 am (I know, we're getting old, we used to stay out a lot later when we were in our 20's). Don't we look haggard???
This is Graham (in black)

press play and listen for your viewing pleasure

This is Russell getting ready to show me his Peter Pan tattoo. Also, notice the two other guys in this picture.... Tracey (behind me) and Dan (holding the t-shirt). None of this would have been possible with out them!!!!
This is Jonni, he plays the guitar
this is Mike, on the drums
And this is Jed!!!! He's the piano player. Our friend Tracey is friends with him, and that's how we got back stage to the v.i.p room. Oh, what a night. We had so much fun. Not only were we hanging out with rock stars, but we felt like rock stars! Thanks Tracey and Dan and Jed!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today Dad and Miles went out to look at motorcycles. They both picked out there favs and I took pics. John REALLY wants a bike before law school but I don't think that it will happen. Boys and their toys.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time spent at the beach over Christmas break

Miles watching mom play a game on the computer
This is our opossum that comes to visit our back yard every now and then. It likes to share the cats food and water.
Miles gathering oranges from the tree in the back yard
This is our family tree. Our family has been taking pictures at this same tree for almost 25 years. It's at a look out point about 20 miles south of San Francisco along the Junipero Sera (280) freeway. Some days, it's really windy up there............................................ So windy that it blew our camera(on a tri-pod) down and Rich (my brother) tried to run and save it. As he caught it, it still went off and took this picture. Not bad.
Beautiful sunrise at the beach taken from the balcony at the condo
Miles and dad making sand castles!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ok, so I haven't written an update in forever so here it goes in a nut shell:

For Christmas we drove to California to my parents house in the Bay Area. Miles did very well for the 13 hour long haul. Thank goodness for portable dvd players and Auntie Steph for keeping the little tot entertained. My brother Rich, his wife Natalie, and their little boy Jackson flew out just a couple days before we arrived. It was wonderful to have have everyone there. The whole Christmas theme this year was nostalgia. We did everything and made everything that we used to when we were growing up. My mom even washed all the toys we used to play with so the grand kids could use them. The day after Christmas we drove to Pajara Doones to stay in a beach house. It was beautiful! We walked along the beach looking for sand dollars and making sand castles. Miles loved eating the sand! On the way home, John noticed the clutch slipping more and more in our Subaru so we made an appt to have it looked at with one of my dad's friends. He said that it was definitely going and we'd have a hard time getting over Donner's pass. While John didn't mind chancing it (he thought that was better than paying $1600 to have it fixed), no way was I going to get stranded in the freezing weather with Miles in the car. So John drove home (what a trooper. We love Red Bull) and I stayed another week and flew home with Miles on Jan. 5th. It was really fun to see Miles with his dad at the airport. He just held on to him. I think they both missed each other a lot! It was such a WONDERFUL holiday and we're glad we were able to do it.

Miles seemed to grow up a whole bunch the two weeks we were gone. He now takes baths in the big tub (no more little blow up tub) and he wears big boy shoes. He likes to help get himself undressed by lifting his arms up so we can pull off his shirt. He points to everything he wants and boy does he know what he wants. If we get him the wrong thing, he sure lets us know. He gives kisses and hugs to us and to his stuffed animals. It's really sweet and really slobbery! He likes to dance. Every afternoon during lunch time we listen to the oldies station on the radio and he'll just wiggle back and forth to the music while sitting in his chair. He LOVES the movie Cars and will actually sit for 30 to 40 min and watch it. But he has to be holding his Lightning McQueen car while he's watching. It's so fun to watch him grow up! John and I still go in and look at him while he's sleeping, and one of us will say, "I can't believe we made him......I can't believe we're parents!

John has been applying to law schools this past week. It will take 4-6 wks, maybe up to 8, to hear back. It's really kind of scary. Who knows where we'll be next August!!! But, it will be an adventure and we're excited to take it together as a family. We'll keep you posted.........