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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today Dad and Miles went out to look at motorcycles. They both picked out there favs and I took pics. John REALLY wants a bike before law school but I don't think that it will happen. Boys and their toys.


Janet said...

I feel the same about bikes, I trust my husband but not the others on the road, so therefore he isn't having one :) It's always fun to "window" shop though.

audra said...

Those are some stud muffins on those bikes. Lucky Woman. Seeing John on a bike brings back memories of his story about HE pulled over the cop and told him that he was going a bit fast, and if he had to obey the speed limit, shouldn't cops have to. I love that story..wheww...makes me laugh every time, I am laughing right now.

Kandis Mortensen said...

I guess Miles is destined for motorcycle greatness--I mean, he looks truly amazing on that bike--what a little man he's turning out to be!