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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time spent at the beach over Christmas break

Miles watching mom play a game on the computer
This is our opossum that comes to visit our back yard every now and then. It likes to share the cats food and water.
Miles gathering oranges from the tree in the back yard
This is our family tree. Our family has been taking pictures at this same tree for almost 25 years. It's at a look out point about 20 miles south of San Francisco along the Junipero Sera (280) freeway. Some days, it's really windy up there............................................ So windy that it blew our camera(on a tri-pod) down and Rich (my brother) tried to run and save it. As he caught it, it still went off and took this picture. Not bad.
Beautiful sunrise at the beach taken from the balcony at the condo
Miles and dad making sand castles!


Janet said...

That sunrise is so beautiful. I'm glad you guys didn't get caught in that big storm that came over the Bay Area after New Years. Miles is such a fun boy, you're really blessed to have him.

The McKell Spot said...

Miles has the cutest little facial expressions, I love the face he has at the computer.

Chadderdon Clan said...

I LOVE that picture of Miles at the computer!! So dang cute!!