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Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter and eggs

Our neighbor gave us these eggs filled with confetti. She said it was a southern tradition to crack them over your head.

The Ugliest creature in the whole world

John says this is the ugliest creature in the world. He may not be really cute, but the ugliest? I found him walking down our sidewalk one morning and had to take a picture.

Space Shuttle launch and easter with grandpa & Grandma Watson

Pictures of the sky after the shuttle launch

Waiting for the launch at 6:00 am
The boys are still train crazy. This is one of their favorite movies called "I Love Toy Trains." Go figure.
Miles helping grandpa Gary with yard work.
Easter Bunny Breakfast
I wish these videos did the launch justice. It was AMAZING....bordering even spiritual to think about where the astronauts were headed. To have that perspective. To look upon our world, the Lord's creation, from the heavens, someday.