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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wendy's Birthday

November 3rd was Wendy’s birthday. As usual she kept it low key and we did our best to celebrate. You see, Wendy is our everything. She gives her entire heart and soul to our family. Without her this little family we sometimes call “Team Watson” wouldn’t make it. She tirelessly raises three boys and does her best to keep me on the right track. We love you so very much Wendy! Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and giving yourself to us.

Happy Birth Day honey!!!

We love you!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lots of Liam!!!

Liam is getting so big and we don't take nearly enough pic or videos. He is one active little boy. He is 7 months old and crawls around every where and he can pull himself up and stand. This has made church a little difficult the last month or so because he wants to get down and crawl around, and he won't sleep if there is anything going on. And if he does sleep, his nap usually only lasts 20 mins. I was really hoping for a couple more months of that phase where your baby sleeps a while during church and he's happy to just sit on your lap. But no, we have entered the "count down until nursery because your spending most of your time in the hallway" phase. Only 10 1/2 more months :)

He tries really hard to keep up w/ his brothers. It's so cute/wonderful to see them playing all together. Miles and Eli are great big brothers, that is until Liam spits up (which happens A LOT) and Miles and Eli say, "Gross mom, Liam just puked all over my car!"

Liam is a happy baby! I feel so blessed that he is this way because it makes all the errands and running around a little easier. For the most part, he is happy to go anywhere, any time. He has never been a great napper so a 20 minute nap here and there in the car while we're out running errands seems to be ok for him. He always wakes up happy. Even at 12:00 am, 3:00 am and 6:00 am.

The Big Move

Seriously, this is getting old. I don't want to move again until we buy a house and we're going to be there for at least a decade!The big yellow Penski truck has become a family favorite. The big boys rode down to Melbourne together. We packed all day left at 7:30 at night then drove 5 hours. We got to our new home by 2 in the morning unpacked a few mattress for the boys and laid our heads down on a blow up mattress at near 3. What a day!

Last Beach Trip In Naples!

We will miss you Vanderbilt Beach and Clam Pass.....We will miss your sunsets and how close you were to our house. But, new beaches await us on the other side. Good bye Naples, Hello Cocoa Beach.

Eli turned 3!

We had a little birthday party for Eli before moving. It was actually nice to have it be so simple.... a couple friends, a quick coloring activity, a pinata, open presents, cake and ice cream, the end. I just might make all birthday parties this simple from now on.

Halloween fun Naples & Melbourne

Halloween was pretty crazy this year, what with the move. But, we pulled it off. Halloween is one of my favorite times to bake so I still tried to keep up traditions even with the mountains of boxes. The weeks leading up to Halloween, we managed to make pumpkin chocolate pancakes, regular pancakes that we turned into jack-o-lanterns, caramel apples and we even pulled of baking and frosting jack-o-lantern sugar cookies for Miles teachers for his last day of preschool on the 28th. John found a really great deal on a used Kitchen Aid mixer. I have absolutely loved using it and makes it that much easier to whip up a batch of cookies or brownies.

These are some pics of Halloween and just everyday super hero days (no kidding, they dress up in super hero costumes probably four or more days a week.

This was just a regular dress up in superhero costume day.....
so was this..... thanks to the pirate who does free face painting at Chik-Fil-A every Tues night.