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Monday, November 14, 2011

The last bit of wild Naples, Florida

Oh, our friend the cockroach. this guy was found in the living room. I sprayed him with bug spray. RIP. You are one Naples thing I will not miss.We had awesome toads. This guy was in our back yard trying to jump into our house.

This is from my last shark fishing trip with my friend Tom. I little black tip to say goodbye.
This is the Biggest Mullet fish ever. These guys are normally about a third of this size. I netted it one night for bait.

Goodbye Naples critters!!!

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Kandis Mortensen said...

Whoa! So many fun posts for me to enjoy! #1: I can't believe how much Eli is looking more like Miles (they're all growing up WAY too fast!)
#2: Liam is a blondie?! who knew?
I hope your new neighbors appreciate how lucky they are to have you! I love how our experience in being mothers to 'super heroes' is essentially the same, just on opposite sides of the country... go figure...
xoxoxo Kandis