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Friday, January 1, 2010

My little helper monkey

Miles and I decided that it was high time that the new accord gots a wash and wax. Miles thought the turtle wax lid was a sweet hat. I love these pics because Miles looks like a mix of the monkey from Indiana Jones and a Jewish boy with a yamaka on.

Wendy has new hair

Wendy had one of her young women(Fedna from Haiti) put corn rows in her hair. John loved it and I think Wendy did too, but it was starting to get uncomfortable so it only lasted a week.

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent Thanksgiving Weekend with Janet and Gary in Titusville. We had such a wonderful time. We drove to Orlando and went to Sea World for a day. It was fun and hectic and fun and hectic with two young kids. But for the most part they were great.
Miles thought the Shamu show was really loud so he covered his ears the whole time.
It was so fun to be there over the holidays. I've never seen a theme park with all the Christmas decorations. They had a Polar Express exhibit. We got to visit the North Pole and see polar bears, whales and walruses. And of course we had to get hot chocolate to complete the experience. The hot chocolate song from the movie is one of Miles favorite.

Birthday celebration

Over Thanksgiving weekend we also celebrated birthdays. Grandma Janet and Miles share the same b-day.
Grandma Janet and Miles having a tickle fight.

Thanksgiving dinner...Eli, Wendy, John, Miles, Candy (friend of Janet and Gary) Gary

Naples Lights celebration

Miles loved it, Eli not so much. It was about 80 degrees the night we walked around and we were so hot. I don't know how Santa did it!
Miles friends, Eli and Wesley. Miles and Wesley fight like brothers and hug like brothers and just love to be around each other.

It does snow in Naples......bubbles any how.

Family Picture

Yet another year went by and I didn't get Christmas cards out. We did take a picture however so stayed tuned for a Valentine's card.....again. I may as well just make it a tradition to send Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards.