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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I thought I would post some early pics of Wendy and me. Many of you may find this kind of boring but there are a thousand stories attached to each of these photos. Hopefully I can share a few of them with my family and friends and our soon to come family photo album made from this blog.

This is me after my back surgery in February 2003. I had two herniated disks and nub legs. After the surgery I was blown up like a whale from all the fluids that they fed me in the I-Vs and Wendy said I was delirious due to all of the morphine in my system. The reason this is special to me is that it was the first time that I really started to figure out Wendy and our life together. This Girl that I had dating Named Wendy cared enough to come see me at my worst and stick around and keep me company. See really cared for me. I said in my drug induced delirium that I loved her and that we should get married. Of course Wendy blew it of as mindless babble from the morphine but I knew what I was seeing and feeling and it was the girl I wanted to marry.
Early in our dating Wendy lived in charming little old home in Sugar House, directly north of Sugar House Park the in Salt Lake City area. I would often come directly from work at Plaza Cycle and we would spend all night talking, walking around the neighborhood dreaming of what house we would pick to live in or just cuddle late into the night on her old hand me down couch shown in the pic.

This has a long story attached to it but to keep things short I decided that I unwisely needed to date other people shortly before I agreed to marry Wendy. This is a pic of Wendy looking like her hot self in Park City waiting for the concert on the green to start put on by the orchestra. It took me a week to realize what a fool I was to let Wendy go. I begged for the opportunity to go out with her again. This is the first date after she agreed to see me again. I'm so grateful she said yes to our date!

Wendy ended up living with many great people during our dating. One of these people was her aunt Norma or other wise known as aunt Octavia (Norma’s self given name). One of our favorite things to do at her home was to watch the travel channel and plan out fun trips or thing to go see. One of the programs we enjoyed rated different ice cream joints around the country. This is a pic of us at one of the listed, an Indian ice cream shop in San Francisco. We had rosemary and cinnamon ice cream. What a sweet memory!

Wendy and I visited her Mom and Dad in San Jose several times before we married and many times after. This is a pic from a little wood working shop off of the coast near Monterey. If I remember correctly we were in a town, which claimed to be the artichoke capital of the world, when we stopped to eat a late lunch with her parents. What a beautiful Women, family, and country.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Aunt Steph!!

Thanks Steph for coming to visit. We had so much fun! (more pics to come but we had to get this one's just my way of saying, "Thanks Steph for my face book profile, hope you have fun reading Twilight:)"

Trip to Titusville

We drove up to Titusville to see Karen while she was in town, and to see the shuttle launch. The shuttle launch was scrapped:( But we still had a great time with Grandpa Gary, Grandma Janet and Aunt Karen.

Karen did such a great job teaching Miles how to play Uno. Thanks Aunt Karen!
Family pic in the front yard
Ron Jons Surf Shop at Cocoa Beach. Other Ron Jons don't even compare. It's a 24 hour party (literally the store is open 24 hours) complete with a live rasta band and two floors of the best beach stuff ever!
The Enchanted Forest.... a nature preserve in Titusville. You walk around all sorts of pathways looking for spiders, lizards, butterflies, snakes etc.

Family pic at Ron Jons

This and That

Happy little Eli

Naps are rare and I'll take them any way I can get them.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting caught up on the happenings of the Watson clan....

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the evening at the beach with a bunch of families in our ward. It was so beautiful to watch the sunset then see the fireworks being shot off the pier.
Miles loves playing in the water. The only thing he loves more is playing in the water with friends.
This year, Miles could have cared less about the fireworks. He was too busy playing with his friends on the boat, and burying their glow necklaces in the sand.

We spent the morning at the Naples parade. It was a really cute, small town feel parade.....local businesses, the mayor, fire dept, clowns, etc. They threw TONS of candy which Miles (and mom) loved. We had a perfect spot in the shade, thanks to some friends in the ward who have been going for 20 years. They set up extra chairs and blankets and invited us to sit with them.

Eli LOVES to eat....

Eli is always happy when he is eating! He is a great eater and has loved all the varieties of fruits and vegetables (eating peaches took a while longer but now he likes them). He REALLY loves (and gets really excited for) the Gerber puffs, those Winnie the Pooh organic animal crackers from Costco, and any fruit I cut up and put in his little mesh bag, especially cantaloupe. When he's not sitting in his chair eating, he's under the table eating all the food that Miles dropped on the floor....he'd give Pepper (Mike and Stacy's dog) a run for her money.

How we've passed the time while getting settled into our new house.....

AGAIN!!!! (and again, and again, and again) p.s. painting the room is on our to do list, pretty close to the top:)
Our little robot
Nothing like a 3:00 pm sugar high to get us through the rest of the day
Naples Pier, June 8th