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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family pic in the front yard
Ron Jons Surf Shop at Cocoa Beach. Other Ron Jons don't even compare. It's a 24 hour party (literally the store is open 24 hours) complete with a live rasta band and two floors of the best beach stuff ever!
The Enchanted Forest.... a nature preserve in Titusville. You walk around all sorts of pathways looking for spiders, lizards, butterflies, snakes etc.

Family pic at Ron Jons


Thompson Family said...

sounds like the Ron Jon's has updated since we saw it last- many moons ago- when we lived in Orlando. Seems like I'm on alot- but actually was testing and never got to read your posts (ha).

mike & teresa said...

Florida looks much better than Michigan. Hope we can come see you guys soon!