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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting caught up on the happenings of the Watson clan....

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the evening at the beach with a bunch of families in our ward. It was so beautiful to watch the sunset then see the fireworks being shot off the pier.
Miles loves playing in the water. The only thing he loves more is playing in the water with friends.
This year, Miles could have cared less about the fireworks. He was too busy playing with his friends on the boat, and burying their glow necklaces in the sand.

We spent the morning at the Naples parade. It was a really cute, small town feel parade.....local businesses, the mayor, fire dept, clowns, etc. They threw TONS of candy which Miles (and mom) loved. We had a perfect spot in the shade, thanks to some friends in the ward who have been going for 20 years. They set up extra chairs and blankets and invited us to sit with them.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Loved every little bit of it! love, Kandis

Thompson Family said...

I saw part of us in the corner :)