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Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is Russell getting ready to show me his Peter Pan tattoo. Also, notice the two other guys in this picture.... Tracey (behind me) and Dan (holding the t-shirt). None of this would have been possible with out them!!!!
This is Jonni, he plays the guitar
this is Mike, on the drums
And this is Jed!!!! He's the piano player. Our friend Tracey is friends with him, and that's how we got back stage to the v.i.p room. Oh, what a night. We had so much fun. Not only were we hanging out with rock stars, but we felt like rock stars! Thanks Tracey and Dan and Jed!!!!!


The McKell Spot said...

I want to be star struck so please tell me, Who are these people?

John, Wendy and Miles Watson said...

Its the one and only Air Supply!!! Play the video and you can lission to one of their tunes.

The McKell Spot said...

Woah!! That guy got so old! I am star struck now, and I have to admit I'm all out of love, what am I without you?

Janet said...

I love Air Supply!! I'm so jealous that you got VIP passes. I grew up listening to them, mostly because that was the only cassette (what are those??) that was in my mom's suburban.