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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Popsicles and Play-Doh

We should have invested in a popsicle company before moving to Naples. Eli LOVES to share his popsicles and he's pretty forceful about it. He shoves it right in your face, and if you turn your head because you don't want any he hits you with it until you do. Miles calls popsicles puga-pops, and half the time I give him one just so I can hear him say it.

Also this summer, Miles discovered Play-Doh and is so creative! Below is a picture of a pizza he made.

This is a picture of his wombat. One afternoon we made a wombat, an imu, and her nest complete with eggs. We acted out a scene in one of Miles books about a wombat who is looking for a new home because he's tired of living in his burrow. The wombat found a great big nest and was just making himself at home when angry Mrs. Emu came and said, "Get out of my nest, this is my nest!" And shoos the wombat away. Miles loves that part and we must have repeated that scene a dozen times before moving on to his next Play-Doh creation.

Video of Miles and Eli smacking away on their "puga-pops"


Thompson Family said...

too cool for popsicles today :)
Your little ones are quite entertaining- esp. when you're on the stand (ha).

hortinthewho said...

That was really cute. Melinda says your kids must be celebrities because their videos are always on the internet and she loves watching them.

Anonymous said...

Tell Miles I think he is quite the artist! Carter would be impressed:)--Kandis