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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Totally random update and thoughts

Weather: So, I just got back from Super Wal-Mart and I saw two people wearing pants, long sleeve shirts and.....SCARFS. Current temp, 71. I know our bodies are used to 90's. That's what the temp has been for the last five months. And, it is pretty breezy out there tonight but....REALLY? Scarfs??? COME ON!

Football Game: Last night we went to Naples High football game. Miles and Eli had such a great time. It was their first football game. When the band was performing at half time, Eli was waving his arms and clapping. He was just taking it all in. Miles gave the eagle, their mascot, a high five. Some of the band members went through the stands selling drinks. When they came by us Miles waved his hand and said, "Right here, I want one." It's like he's been going to games for years. So, of course we had to give him a dollar (our last one). Even today he was talking about how he put the dollar in the cup and got a soda. I think it was the best $11 we've spent in a long time ($5/ticket and $1 for the soda).

Future Missionary: Lately Miles has been carrying around a Book of Mormon and likes me to sing the song "Book of Mormon stories." Some how it ended up in our car. Last night we were driving and the weather was so nice we rolled down the windows. We were at a red light and the car next to us also had their windows down. Miles said, "Hi." and the guy said hi back. Then Miles held up his book and said, "Book of Mormon." The other guy just said, "What?" Then the light turned green. We were turning left and he was going straight. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he would have been baptized because who can turn down Miles.

Potty training update: Miles is doing really well over all. We had an interesting walk home from the mail box today though. Our neighbor was out washing his car and I almost asked him to hose off Miles from the waist down. We were only gone 10 min. But I guess when you have to go, you have to go. I think Miles knew I didn't enjoy cleaning up his accident because afterward he told me my hair was pretty and when we got into the car to go pick up John at school, he let me listen to my music instead of asking to listen to "Lightning McQueen" song or "Baseball song" (take me out to the ball game) or the Veggie Tales Cd. He said, "I like your song mom."

One really positive thing about this week (besides that Miles is doing better than I thought) is I feel like Miles and I have really bonded. That's bound to happen when you're together in the house all week, constantly keeping my eye on him so he wouldn't go to his usual "poop" spots (his closet with the doors closed, under Eli's crib, or the little space between the side of the couch and the wall in the office). We're doing something hard together. We're growing (I'm growing in patience) and learning (Miles is learning how to be more independent). And we're doing it together. I'm grateful for this experience.

Eli Update: Eli is really into books lately. He loves the animal books. He'll point to the pic of the dog and say "woof" (sounds like voof). He'll point to the cat and say "meow" (sounds like mow). And he'll point to the gorilla and do the "Indian chant", when you open your mouth and pat it with your hand. His other favorite book is "Wheels on the Bus." We sing that song while looking at that book A LOT.

Ice cream you have to try: Ben and Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake with swirls of graham crackers. I haven't bought ice cream in a month or more but this just looked too good to pass up. It is so YUMMY! John and I give it two thumbs way up. Hope you're able to enjoy some too.

So, that does it for my totally random post:)


Thompson Family said...

cool on going to the N.H.S. football game- we've done our share- not in a long time tho' All our kids have gone there. :)

Barbara Hurst said...

It was so great seeing you all on the webcam. It's great John can support his Seminary Students by going to sporting events. I got to know a lot more about waterpolo as a seminary teacher. 36 more days! love you

Tillotson Family said...

I feel like I haven't seen you in ages and you are just down the street. I had to laugh at your post. I have even seen a few in jackets!

Mandi said...

Love the fun! Potty training is so FUN huh?!!!

Scott & Lynn Maxfield said...

Hey, how are you all? Love the post...the boys are getting big and learning a lot. I'm sure that the people at Wal-Mart were just trying to send a fashion statement to all of you! We are doing well...Marissa is having a BOY!! She is doing well. Miss you all and enjoy those little ones...soooon they will be gone. love you Lynn