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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ok, so this was taken during potty training. Miles and I were connected at the hip for about 5 days. We hardly left the house and spent every waking minute together. The best part of this is that we really dug through our toy chest and played with just about every toy we had. When Eli takes a nap I usually have Miles go into his room for 1/2 hour - 45 min for quiet play. But not this week. I went in and played with him and had so much fun. He is so creative. I can't express this enough. This little block creation is "Gary", Sponge Bob's pet snail. At one point he even put a bunch of yellow blocks on Gary's back and said that he was giving Sponge Bob a piggy back ride. We played with Gary and Sponge Bob for a good 20 min before moving on to the next creative block creation. I'm so grateful I get to experience the magic of raising children.


Thompson Family said...

love his faces!!! :)

Barbara Hurst said...

Okay, we need more detail. What's up with Miles in this picture? Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Look forward to pic of SeaWorld.

Jeanne said...

I'm with Barbara on this one. I'm sooo thankful y'all are sending pics and helps me feel as if I'm a couple of hours away from you. We had an enjoyable time at Mike and Teresa's home. I forgot the cheeseball and we didn't eat much salad because we were loving the turkey dinner so much. Tonight K and I are watching the 3 young Mike Watsons at their house while they celebrate T's birthday and do some Christmas shopping/movie. T's sister Chelsey is pregnant. The Glines are in Florida with them for the holiday. Florida is a big pull for us Utahns...Today is the big game in Provo...I'm wondering if it will be televised there. Hope you can enjoy it too. Wendy, I just discovered a new reason to adore you...Hugs, Jeanne