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Monday, August 24, 2009


Miles and I have been having some really fun and interesting conversations lately. They go something like this:

"Mom, have booger" as he's showing it to me on his finger
"Miles did you pick a booger out of your nose?"
"Ya, I eat."
"No Miles, we don't eat boogers."
"I eat it for dinner."
"No silly, we don't eat boogers for dinner."
"Oh, OK." (then a pause) "I eat it for lunch."

A couple weeks ago I put both the boys down for a nap. More needed a break so they went into their room. I was pretty sure they wouldn't actually sleep. About half an hour later I heard a lot of noise so I went up there. I walked in and found Miles holding onto the bars of the crib and shaking them. Eli was totally entertained by it. Then Miles saw that I had poked my head in the room.....

"Oh crap, back to bed" he said
I was laughing so hard, I had never heard him use that word before. Then Miles said, "Not funny mom, not funny."

He is always telling me to "be careful", "watch out", "that's sharp" when I'm holding a knife, scissors or a razor while shaving my legs, and my favorite one..."mom don't stick your fingers in the fan, big owee's!!!"

A few of my favorite things he says.... " holy molie", "Oh gosh", puga-pop (for popsicle), "funna" (for thunder), "Pofit Monsa" (prophet Monson), and my favorite, "miss you mom" as I'm putting him to bed for the night.

All of this proves to me that he does hear me even when I don't think he's listening. We are now in the phase where John and I have to spell things out and really watch what we say.

Conversations with Eli go something like this:"Eli, are you ever going to sleep through the night?" Eli just smiles back as if to say, "keep wishing mom." This conversation usually happens around midnight and 3:00 am every night.


Thompson Family said...

you will be become great spellers and even the kids may learn (ha).

Kandis Mortensen said...

Oh, I wish I were there to hear his voice! MILES, we miss you like crazy and Carter talks about you all the time! He's so excited to come visit you next November:) Love you guys!

hortinthewho said...

That's some pretty entertaining conversations. I especially like that part were he told you that it wasn't funny.