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Sunday, June 14, 2009

This was the biggest sucker (and we were the biggest suckers buying it for Miles) It was a huge mess but he loved it.
Jackson taught Miles how to paint...Miles was more interested in seeing the water change colors than actually painting, but it was his first time and Jackson (who is a "seasoned" painter) did a great job showing Miles how to do it.
We went to a school carnival in Jenkintown and Miles and Dad got to ride on top of a fire truck. Miles LOVED it!!!
He also loved trying on the fire helmet and was more than a little sad when he had to give it back.
....not sure what this is (John posts the pics and I write) but it must be a picture John took when he was tending Eli.

There will be a lot more to come about our NY trip, the move, and beautiful Naples. Stay tuned.......


Scott & Lynn Maxfield said...

Hey Watson's, I am so glad that you made it safely to your new home. We are well and have had another baby...Lincoln Scott Maxfield, 7lb's and 19.5 inch. look on Alisa's blog. I am planing a trip to Orlando in Oct so maybe you could come and see me? Betty and i are going to walk in the Disney 10k and see her family. love you guys and enjoy your summer together! Lynn

Rich and Natalie said...

We are so jealous of all the beautiful sunsets we keeps getting texted! Glad you guys made it and hopefully things are calming down for you. Great pics, can't wait to see more!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay, yay for updates! Is it just me or is Miles suddenly 10 years old??! Oh, and based on your ocean photo, I think I'm coming to Floriday RIGHT NOW! --Kandis