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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dylan's Candy Bar....greatest candy store on earth! I heard about this place over three years ago on the Martha Stewart show. Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren, and instead of going into the family business she wanted to open a candy store. It's two levels of any candy that was ever made, there was nothing we couldn't find. On the third floor was the soda fountain with super yummy ice cream treats and baked goodies. Praise the heavens for her.... I LOVE CANDY!!! I just wish we lived closer.

Central Park at the softball fields. We met up with one of Rich's good friends, Darren, from Sunnyvale who he grew up with. Darren's team was playing a game the same day we were there so we got to spend a few minutes with him and his wife (they're the ones taking the picture)
The financial district

Lady Liberty herself
Really blurry, but hard to take a picture when you're moving on a ferry heading back to Staten Island.
Jackson and Miles on the subway, great entertainment for two boys!
Mom and Eli at Central Park enjoying a treat from Dylan's Candy Bar.
Family pic in Central Park....all five of us together.
Jackson taking a quick nap on his dad's (my brothers) lap. The kids were so great the whole day!

Grand Central Station

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