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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing around on our lanai
A little frog on a palm tree in front of our house
Miles new table (actually I've had it for over a year but it's been in storage and now there's finally a place for it:)

Miles out by our front door
One of Miles bug catchers.....a favorite past time for Dad and Miles. By the way, the other day John and Miles were out catching lizards and they caught one....well the tail of one. Miles brought a lizards tail (still moving) into the house to show me. I know it's a natural defense mechanism for lizards to shed their tails, but I still felt bad, especially when I went outside and saw the tailless lizard. Are his friends making fun of him? Does anyone know how long it takes to grow back???? (Rob, Quentin, anyone...)
This is a moth John saw on his drive down here, I think in Kentucky.


mike & teresa said...

Love the pics! I can't believe how fast those boys grow up when you don't see them!

hortinthewho said...

The loss of a tail can effect the lizards social status, yes.

How long it takes to grow back, I have not heard definitive time frames. It takes a lot of energy for them to regrow it.

Depending on the species of lizard some shed actual bone when they lose their tail the first time. Only cartilage will regrow in it's place.