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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miles New Bike

Not bad for a free bike. We bought it off e-bay and when we got it, some parts were missing and one of the back wheels was bent. Instead of shipping it back for the repairs and parts, they just refunded our money and said keep it. It turns out that Schwinn is on eternal back order for a new wheel, but they did send us the fenders that go over the back wheels. All in all, it turned out to be a great deal, even if it rides a little lop-sided.

So, I think we're signing off for a while. It's finals time for John and I'm trying to get the house packed up little by little. John's last final is Friday May 15th. He should finish around noon and we hope to be on the road, headed for Philadelphia by 2:00. When we get back, we'll have one week to finish packing, load up the moving truck and it's off to Florida we go. If we're feeling super spunky we may post pics from our trip to NY and Philadelphia. Otherwise we'll see you in June with lots to catch up on.

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hortinthewho said...

That was pretty awesome! I bet Miles loves that. I would bet that he also feels pretty special to have a bike.