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Friday, April 17, 2009

This house was originally a hotel. Later, a printing press was put upstairs which printed the first hymnal and the book of Commandments which became the Doctrine and Covenants. On the lower floor, the mummies and papyrus that became the book of Abraham were displayed.

Brigham Young's work shop, attached to the mill.

While the construction of the kirtland temple was still under way, the two existing mills in kirtland refused to sell wood to the Mormons because of their rising unpopularity. This halted the building of the temple for three months. Then a convert from over seas (same one who wrote High on a Mountain Top) "just happened to be" specially trained to build and operate a new style of mill. This mill was able to operate on 2-3 inches of water and produced a higher volume of wood than the two existing mills combined.

This room is where Joseph Smith translated the King James version of the Bible, and received revelation on section 84 (and others) of the D&C. It is on the second floor of the Whitney store.

Room of the School of the Prophets

The Whitney's master bedroom which they offered up to Joseph Smith.

The first Bishop's store house, first level of the Whitney's store

Whitney's general store. President Ronald Regan stated that this was the most accurately restored historic building he's ever seen. This is because Newel K. Whitney was the most meticulous record keeper.
The shoes back then didn't have a right or left. They would switch them back and forth for longer use.

Interesting tidbit: The church has just purchased property which they believe housed the store that Joseph Smith owned. The church is waiting to authenticate this before actually restoring anything. We've never heard about Joseph owning a store and the tour guide said it was because his store only lasted ten months. Apparentally Joseph Smith was too kind hearted for people in need and had the propensity to just give everything away for free.

We had a wonderful time on this trip. There is such a special spirit in Kirtland!! I can't wait to go back. If you have the opportunity, means, time etc... it is SO WORTH IT!


mike & teresa said...

How cool! those are awesome pictures!

MAG said...

Thanks for the synopsis. You've reminded me of how much we want to go there someday!

Lynette Mills said...

Chad served his mission in Cleveland and was able to take some of his investigators to Kirtland! I have also been there on a church history tour...loved it! It does have a very special spirit! It's great that you got to go!