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Monday, November 12, 2012

So I decided to make a surfboard and learn how to surf

What I started with

This was all found on the street or given to me by church members

The near finished stand.  This is what all the work will be done on.

This is $15 worth of insulation foam from Home Depot 

template traced

This is me cutting out the rough shape with a  home made hot wire that plugs into the wall

I lost me first attempt on the way home from the master surfboard builders house .  Time to start again.

Lots of nasty foam dust

Horrible to breath and it stuck to my sweaty skin

Broken piece remade and ready to join.

I found a great use for my law books.  See Wendy I knew I would use them again one day.

sanding in the "rocker"

The boys approve 

Starting to round the edges 

The board when pulled to final shape with the dental floss and Popsicle sticks

final touch ups with fin box and fin shown

fiberglass cloth

My Dad came over to help spread the resin 

This was a great time with pop

Look at this, one side down


The trim job.  I waited too long to do this.  The next time I trimmed I did it within a few hours of the pour 

Repair work due to the late cut

repair work done

Taped and ready for deck side glassing.

8 feet 
doubled up glass for added straight on the deck side

tacking under board and looking for drips

I felt like I was losing some of the rocker so I weighted the nose area.

Dad made a guild and cut a whole for the fin box

inserting the fin box

adding the design

adding the "hot coat" or finishing coat of resin

the final sanding begins....again.  The caption reads:
Hard working
Fully expendable
The empire needs you
its not about the pay its about crushing the rebellion.

wet sanding 

spray paint 

$170ish later with a lot of work I have my own long board
Now I just need to learn how to surf.
The end 


steph said...

That is awesome!!!

T-Ray said...

WHAA??!! Who does that? That is awesome! Good luck learning how to surf.

Andrea Johnson said...

Cool project, John! Way to go. I hope you have fun with it.