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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun times outside.

Eli's Preschool class.  We were talking about the gold rush that day.  We panned for gold and found some!
 My boys love digging holes and crawling inside.

A hole in our back yard

One of many forts in the Watson house
Miles being silly......This is him most of the time.  He loves to find humor in everything.
Miles got to take home his class teddy bear (the one on the right) for the weekend.  The assignment was to take him everywhere we went and then make a journal page about our outings to go in a book with all the other journal entries.
We live across the street from a big park that hosts all kinds of festivals and concerts.  This festiful was an India Festival.  The judge John went before at the time is Indian and he was one of the guys involved in puttin gon the festival. 
Armadillo hunting.  Haven't caught one yet :(

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