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Sunday, January 2, 2011


We headed up to Titusville (about 4 hrs away, up by Cape Canaveral) to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Janet. We had a rough start to our trip. We got off about an hour and a half later than planned. John had to stop by his school to get some books so he could study that weekend and while we were pulling out to head toward the freeway an older lady from Canada rear ended us. Thankfully it was really minor, just a few scratches, but it scared the boys and delayed our trip even more. Then, I decided to take the scenic route because it's much prettier of a drive but didn't realize how late it was. We were heading to Dinosaur World, a park about an hour and a half from Titusville, with 50 or so life size dinosaurs and other fun things to do. I called earlier in the day and they said they closed at 6:00. No problem I thought. We got there about 4:45 and they said, "Sorry you were misinformed, we close at 5:00pm". I just about cried at that point. But, what are you going to do. We let the boys run around for 15 or 20 twenty minutes, got back in the car and went to five Guys for dinner. That will always make a pregnant girl feel better.

The rest of the weekend was great. Janet and Gary cooked a nice Thanksgiving meal. The weather was so nice we spent a bunch of time out side. These pics are from the park we went to the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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