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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Halloween in January????

Yes, if it's been that long since we've posted anything on our blog. And it has. Sorry. At this rate we'll be posting Christmas around the time the baby is due the first week of April.

Halloween was so much fun this year. I love this holiday. Our boys really got into it. We sang songs, made caramel apples, watched Halloween movies, ate pumpkin everything..cookies, pancakes, muffins etc. We celebrated the whole month long.
Carving pumpkins in Florida is different. You really can't carve them any earlier than the day before Halloween or they turn moldy. I think we carved them Saturday which was the day we celebrated because Halloween was on Sunday.
We went to a couple really fun parties.

Both of our boys were Iron Man!!! (Eli pretty much copies everything Miles does) I have to say that these costumes have been put to good use because they still wear them a few times a week. Super hero's are really big right now in our house hold. The boys go back and forth between being Iron Man, Batman, and Spider man, while dad is Captain America and I am Woman Girl (Wonder Woman, but Miles calls her Woman Girl). Daily we are fighting the Penguin, the Joker, Ultimo, Whiplash and another bad guys trying to hurt us. Yesterday, Miles, I mean Batman, was protecting the baby in Mommies tummy because the bad guys were trying to hurt him. The only time the boys are not pretending to be super hero's is when they are pretending to be Buzz and Woody from Toy Story 3, their favorite movie right now (except for the monkey, Eli is sooo scared of that monkey) Also, Miles likes to pretend he is Mr Potato Head in the first scene of the movie when he is robbing the train. Miles loves to pretend to steal money from a train or bank etc.... Should I be worried yet? I suppose not since the other six days of the week he's the good guy.

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