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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm terrible at keeping a journay, so...

I thought I'd jot down some cute things Miles has done in the last couple days. This is mostly to remind me how much I really do love him because I could have sold him to the gypsies today:)

-Miles used to NEVER cuddle, but now he'll often ask to. He brings his blanket to you and says, "cuddle" with a real pouty lip. It's irresistible. My friend Lori brought by some cookies last night. We talked for a minute then gave each other a quick hug as she was leaving. Miles saw this and said, "cuddle" and ran up to Lori and gave her a hug too.

-I'm really trying to get Miles to not eat his food until after the prayer. He is really good at folding his arms, closing his eyes and saying amen, but he can't resist not eating. Today at lunch he folded his arms, closed his eyes and we started to pray. While we were saying the prayer he went for his yogurt, but this time he kept his eyes closed. It was hilarious watching him trying to put the spoon in the yogurt and then to his mouth. He totally missed and never once opened his eyes until the yogurt was all over his cheek. I could just see the dilemma going on in his head....."I know I'm not supposed to eat but I just can't wait. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed then it will be ok if I unfold my arms and eat my food."

-Tonight as I was putting him to bed he gave me a big kiss and then waived to me and said, "night mom." I think he knew that the gypsies were on speed dial and he needed to be extra sweet to me. Well, it worked. My heart melted and I gave him a big kiss back and said, "night Miles."

Here's a quick update on Eli too. He had his 4 month appt last week. He weighed 15 lbs 9 oz (83%) and was 26" long (78%). He handled his shots very well and was pretty pleasant during the days following.


John, Wendy and Miles Watson said...

Wendy Im so glad you are doing this!

Rich & Natalie said...

Congrats on making it through the week without John. It's amazing how thankful you are for even a few minutes with them everyday after they've been really gone and not just "gone." We love you guys!

Royce and Annika said...

Eli is getting so big! I loved the pictures of him a little while back.

Bridget still won't fold her arms. She hates praying. Maybe it's cause she can't get to the food and doesn't want to wait.

Rookie Blog said...

Rook started to say I love you mom. Perfect timing too, because I was going to give him to the garbage men. I don't have the gypsies number. When he's in serious trouble and he knows it...he whips out "I love you mom"