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Friday, February 13, 2009

All About Eli

I can't believe how fast Eli is growing. I already miss the newborn phase. He is quite happy most of the time. Sometimes when I go in to check on him, and I think he's still sleeping, he's just hanging out in his bed, looking around. Then, when he sees my face, he just beams this huge smile! I fall in love with him more everyday. He's really trying to sit up on his own. He can't stand laying down anymore. He has to be able to see the action of big brother Miles playing. In fact, I think he may even skip rolling over (he HATES being on his tummy and there's no sign of him even trying to roll) and just go straight to sitting up. He's a good eater and a good sleeper and definitely a "mommy's boy". John's getting better with him and viceversa, but there was a time Eli would just cry the minute John tried to hold him. Eli also WON'T take a bottle to save his life. John and I have both tried. Then again, he never took a pacifier well either and hasn't used one since he was about a month old. Yesterday I had a dental appt at the U of M school of dentistry. It pretty much takes 3x longer than an appt at a dental office and I was gone 4 hours. John says that Eli just screamed for the whole last hour. Right when I walked in the door and picked him up, he smiled. Either Eli is going to have to take bottle, or I'm going to have to wait to do the other part of my dental work after the boy can eat baby food. Kudos to John for handling it well. We feel so blessed to have Eli in our home. We love our boys!!!!!


MAG said...

We got your Valentines Day card in the mail today--so cute! Thank you!

And Eli--what a cutie. He looks more like John to me, but I see you in him too. Regardless, you guys have the most handsome boys!

mike & teresa said...

He's cute-I think he looks more like John.

Rookie Blog said...

So funny. I was just thinking I would write and tell you I think he looks like John and everyone else said the same thing. Alexa won't take a bottle either, but now she'll eat food...thank goodness. I worked hard on getting her to take a sippy too.

Scott & Lynn Maxfield said...

Wendy, I can't believe how big he is getting! I'm glad that you are all doing so well. Good job John for working so hard! I wish that I could of seen you at Christmas time...I miss you a ton and think of you ofton. We are all well and I have some good news...Alisa is going to have a BOY in June and Marissa is going to have ? in Sept. do these months sound familiar? We are excited and I really hope that Marissa has a boy so they can fight off the girls together! Scott and I are good and things are going along fine. love you all Lynn