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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our trip to the Emergency Room

Our trip to the Emergency Room

Ok, go figure that out of all the crazy stunts, and climbing and falls, that Miles would do this just by falling off a laundry basket (turned upside down) that he was standing on (on carpet even). I didn't think much of it at first because it didn't look like too bad of a fall (I've seen worse). But, as the day wore on, I noticed he kept holding his arm next to his body at a 90 degree angle, and then he woke up from his nap screaming after only sleeping for 30 min or so. When I went in to go get him, he was still holding his arm and saying "ou-wee". After making a few phone calls to figure out what to do, who to go see, we were told to go to the ER (I was trying so hard to avoid going there). The first two hours were pretty crazy. Miles was screaming! He wouldn't let anyone touch him, especially the guys in the "white coats" (I'm hoping Uncle Rich can help remedy that fear as time goes on). And, I'll actually admit for once that I'm glad I'm still pregnant because I couldn't go into the x-ray room with Miles and dad (but I could hear him screaming standing out in the hall way). John was the best, sweetest, most sympathetic and patient best friend Miles had while they were taking the x-rays. John said that after each xray he and Miles would hug each other and that seemed to help. The last couple of xrays Miles did a lot better. So....the next two hours were much better. Miles and dad cuddled and watched tv and walked around the ER and looked at the fish while we were waiting for the radiologist to read the x-rays. We ate snacks and sang songs and he was pretty happy. Then the doctor came in and said they were pretty certain it wasn't broken, BUT, there was one spot on the x-ray that caused a little concern, and it was too hard to tell so the radiologist couldn't rule it out. As a precaution, they put a cast on and gave him a splint and said the pediatric orthopedic surgery office would call us in a few days to schedule a follow up appt. So there you go. That's how we spent most of our evening tonight. I almost asked them if they would just break my water while we were there and I'd walk over to labor and delivery while Miles and John finished up in the ER. One stop shopping at the U of M hospital!
Dad promised Miles he could have anything he wanted the rest of the night so here he is eating french fries and ketchup and drinking sprite at 8:30pm. And when he asked for more, we'd give him more. And when he dumped his sprite out, we just cleaned it up w/o a lecture. And when he wanted juice after dumping his sprite out, he got that too. I have to say, it was so liberating (and easier) not saying "no" to Miles all the time. I really enjoyed it. No wonder some parents let their kids have what they want all the time. But, reality check Miles...... Tomorrow is a new day and we have to re-establish some boundaries (even if you're still wearing the sling).
"M" is for Miles. He's probably telling the baby that if you get hurt, you get what ever you want after. So, it's not so bad.


The McKell Spot said...

Poor little Miles!! Sorry that you had to experience the lovely ER.

mike & teresa said...

Poor Miles! Sorry to say but I bet you will have more visits to the Dr. with Miles because he is fearless.

Kandis Mortensen said...

Poor Miles! Get better buddie (and help your Mom with baby Eli!)
WELCOME ELI! We're so glad you made it safely! You are the luckiest boy in the world to be born to such amazing parents and to have such a fun big brother to take care of you! LOVE YOU!

audge said...

Sad day! Poor Miles, and too bad they couldn't induce you at the same time...killing two birds with one stone. So, did you have that baby? Gotta give an update.