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Monday, October 20, 2008

Eli is here!!!

The day we picked Mom and Eli up from the hospital Miles got a real cast for his elbow.  What a day!!
This is from Sunday night.  Miles didn't seem that interested in the new baby.  Oh, if he only knew how his little world is about to change.
Our little sleeper Eli just before we took him home.
I took this one because after loading the two boys I looked in the back seat.  I saw this and I was terrified at what was to come in the coming days-weeks-years-forever.....

Eli's first bath
Sunday morning snuzz.
Here is the to two champs.  I hope Wendy writes about her experience with the birth but a tid-bit,  she did it as they say "O-natural" in about 3 hours.
Happy day!!! Everyone seems to be happy and safe.


The McKell Spot said...

He's beautiful!! Congratulations, I would love to kiss those huge cheeks!

audge said...

Wow...what a cute little guy. Great name too. Can't wait to hear how it went. Ya know MI is just a long days drive to NC. You guys need to come stay with us.