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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Miles and me at Ortega Park
Beau, Miles and Brock (My friends boys)

This is my friend Dawnell. We've known each other since kindergarten. We would laugh so hard and have so much fun that we would always get our names written on the board, sometimes even a check by them! She is pregnant with her third child (this time a girl) and is due the end of Sept.
Chasing Miles at Santa Cruz beach
This is in the arcade at Santa Cruz on the board walk. Miles was a natural!!!


The Gardners said...

Okay, HI! You are pregnant?? Holy crap! You're moving??? Oh my! So many changes! I am prego also, and I'm due in Jan. When are you due??? I miss you guys and we all need to get together and catch up, maybe go up the canyon again??? We are free Saturday! See who wants to go!

Babe in Boysland said...

YOU have a long time friend named Dawnell??? Me too!! I've never known anyone eles with that name. She must be totally smart and funny and awesome with a name like that.