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Monday, June 30, 2008

Are boys really harder to raise????

Ok, so I was at my doc appt last week and had ample time to read some of the magazines (my doc was on call at the hospital). I read an article in Parenting Magazine and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It was an article about which gender is harder to raise? Seeing that I'm having my second boy, I thought, "this would be interesting to know."

The article was broken down into five categories, then there was a whole lot of information about the studies to back up there answers. Here are the categories:
1. Discipline - boys were harder
2. Physical safety - boys were harder
3. Communication - boys were harder at first, then girls
4. Self Esteem - girls were harder
5. Schooling - boys were harder

After reading the article I felt doomed. What is Heavenly Father thinking by giving me boys? I always thought girls would be harder....hormones, self esteem, drama, blah!!!!( I know my mom would agree with me there:) But then with Miles..... I don't even know how to describe what goes on in this house some days. It looks like a hurricane has plowed through our house. Miles barley escapes one disaster (table falling on him, oh wait, that actually happened today) to running right into the next (climbing up the book shelf and falling down, that happened today too) Didn't he realize that the first accident hurt and maybe he should be a little more cautious? And the craziest part is, I was in the room both times, I just can't keep up with him or even predict his next move. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even reaching him, "Hello, earth to Miles.... let's read this book or sing a song." He's rarely interested in sitting still while I try to teach him where his shoulders are (for head, shoulder's knees and toes) or his colors or anything for that matter. Those are the times I think, if he was a girl, we would be coloring (instead of eating the crayons) and singing songs (instead of picking our nose) and playing dolls (instead of dumping out all our blocks and throwing them). Reading back through this, these things sure do make me laugh and I love my Miles.....but some days.......WOW.

So, I just wanted to know what my mommy friends thought from their experiences........
Are boys really harder than girls (generally speaking)?


Kandis Mortensen said...

So I finally stopped over for a 'blog visit' and I was so happy to find a lot of updates! Thanks for the entertainment! Ok, on the the question... I think our boys are going to run us ragged (and then some). But I'm not much of a drama queen, so I'll take being worn out physically over having so explain every day to my little girl why the other little girls in her class are so awfully mean (My Mom had to go through that with me, and I'll admit, I'm scared to deal with that!) All we have to worry about with the boys is someone punching them and then they get over it! That probably doesn't help much and was probably really confusing--maybe I just need a nap!

lynnard said...

I tatality loved haveing 2 boys! It will get better when you have both of them and they will have each other to play with, fight with and be buds...the first year is always hard and after your next one can start to play life will be grand. Remember that you are doing a super good job and it won't be for not in the end. miss you and love you lynnard

Courtney said...

I don't think one is necessarily any hard than the other when you add all the factors together, but they are DIFFERENT. It would be fun to have 2 boys in a row, so that they could be buds & will have your hands full, but it's going to be a blast! AND, you'll do GREAT!!! My perspective is that you are so laid back & great with Miles, that the second will be a piece of cake!

Babe in Boysland said...

Okay, I have some experience here: I nannied 3 girls for 6 years, and now I have four boys of my own. I pick boys. I so totally love my Musig girls, they are angels: sweet, funny, smart, pretty, bubbly, silly. ADORABLE. But still, girls just CRY so much more. Oh, the crying would make me insane at this point in my life. I agree with Kandis that girls are scary because they have other mean nasty girls to deal with, and also I would really be a wreck trying to protect them from the world. I also agree with Courtney that they are just different. Girls certainly can be more mellow- but that's not always true. My bff has two boys and then a girl. WATCH OUT for this little Hell's Angel. She is sweet and beautiful and SNEAKY. When boys are making trouble you can hear it from anywhere in the house, but when this 2 year old gets her mind on something she waits it out: the other day after her mommy had gone downstairs for five minutes (literally 5 minutes), she tiptoed into mommy's bathroom and took the toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, and diaper rash cream, took it into her own room, shut the door and got to work. She put ALL the shampoo into the sink in her toy kitchen and filled it with water, dumped the lotion and toothpaste on the carpet, crumbled the deodorant, and when her mommy walked in, she was just fnishing up rubbing ALL the desitin onto 3 of her baby dolls. My point is, that neither boys or girls are neccesarily easier than another. Take my oldest child for instance- EASY and a boy. My third boy, NOT easy...but way funny.

Wow, k, that was long. I just want you to know that Heavenly Father knows exactly what he's doing and you are going to be a great mommy of boys. You and John have great things in your future. PLUS, won't it be so cute when your sons are known as "The Watson boys" and they're all cute and handsome and smart. Aaaawwwwwwwwwww!

The Gardners said...

I'm soooooo glad that Michelle posted what she did, I couldn't have put it better. After nannying 2 boys and 2 girls, the boys were way easier and the girls just looked cuter most of the time. By the way, you are the most adorable mommy and I hope you know your 2 boys are blessed to come into your home! I read the same article as you, and I think the lady that wrote it just wanted to complain about her was a lame article. I have SEVEN brothers and each on of them is unique and different and cam with their own set of problems and perks and they were all boys...same can be said for girls. You will be great!

My good friend Robyn found out she's having her 2nd boy (she's due in Nov.) and she feels the same way as you...but you will won't matter in the end and you will be so in love that lil guy!

Sorry for the long post...I miss you guys! See you at the BBQ next week!

The Lunds said...

Oh gosh. I do know the feeling. I have read a few articles as well, but I think every child is an individual and will be all different. Hayden has been pretty easy (knock on wood) and (he is two now and much more crazy) so my number 2 may be the wild child. As for you, maybe number 2 will be calm and easy. I am super excited to have 2 mama's boys!

The Lunds said...

Oh yeah, and it's not that I mind having lots of boys it was just right in a row that I was concerned about. I nannied a family of five kids. They had 2 girls, then 2 boys, and then another girl. I always swore I never wanted to boys next to each other. They are SO PHYSICAl all the time. I would go crazy! The girls fought but it was not so irritating. I felt like the girls and boys that were born next to each other didn't really bother each other much. But, the girls were good friends and the boys were good friends, so I am anxious for that. Hayden is much easier and happier with a friend around.