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Sunday, December 23, 2012

November 3rd Never forget this day!

It was Wendy's birthday!!! November 3rd Never forget this day, is a song I made up when Wendy and I were dating.  It has served me well.  We all love our Wendy so very much.  She does so many things for our family.  The latest constant thing on her shoulders is that she is managing the craziest three boys on the planet in a state far away from her family and old friends.  This is accomplished with little sleep and food and spilled everything on her,  see below shirt.  She still manages to smile and give her eccentric and sometimes outright strange husband suport and love.  She does this even with my projects and our meager budget.  Take a moment to look at her amazing smile.  It is a light to our family.  She is still my girl.  She is so much fun and loving.  Oh how we love you Wendy!  

P.S. - she just saw I was looking at these pics and said "oh crap you wrote something".  Always modest about herself too.


Kristen said...

Wendy ROCKS! Wish I could've been there to celebrate!

MariePhotographie said...

How I miss Wendy! Glad she could have a happy birthday. I thought this post was so cute!