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Monday, August 2, 2010

We pulled the plug.....

...on the internet in our home. So... I don't get much time on the internet anymore. There are things I really like about that and things I don't like about that. I like that I'm reading again. I'm currently reading two books at the same time, The Red Tent and The Elegance of the Hedgehog, along with the May conference edition of the Ensign. I only have the Sunday afternoon session left. What I don't like is not being able to check blogs or do updates on our blog. I am in John's office at his school right now and he took the boys to the book store. After checking my email, paying bills on line and checking blogs, I'm guessing I only have maybe ten minutes before John pulls up and honks. So we will have to do this update in "chunks". I'll start with Eli.

Eli: Eli is growing up so fast. He talks all the time and can copy most of what you say. He'll say the last word of every sentence when we're kneeling for prayer. We'll say....."Thank you for our family" and he'll say "family" etc. His favorite movie is "Ghost Lights" from Cars. Every morning he says, "Hello mama, watch Ghost Lights." Eli can count to three and recognizes some of his letters. He also knows some of his, heart and triangle are the ones he knows best. He also loves to put his own shoes on and always gets them on the right feet. Sometimes he'll put them on the wrong feet then come to me and say, "Mama look, wrong feet."

He loves Miles and loves to play with him. The two run around the house and jump on each other until they're out of breath or they're both crying. At which point they take a breather and start right back up again. our house is becoming consistently more noisy the older Eli gets and the more he understands. Miles and Eli just "feed" off each other. When one starts screaming (or making any noise for the matter) the other one has to be even louder, and then the first one has to beat that etc. It drives me nuts most of the time but I guess it's pay back from when I was a really loud kid. I can still hear the words "No noise" or "Wendy, not so loud" coming from my father. One time I called him, and after apologizing for my loudness as a child I asked if I was this loud, referring to the noise in the background from Miles and Eli. He said, "No!"

John just honked. That's all for now. No time to re-read and spell check. Hope it all makes sense.

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