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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Conversations With My Boys

John: Mother's Day was wonderful. John was so nice to change all the diapers, take the boys out of sacrament meeting when they were naughty, make dinner and clean up after too. While he was doing the dishes I said to him, "This has been such a wonderful day, I wish all days could be like this." (and by that I didn't mean that he should always change all the diapers, make dinner and clean it up. I was referring to the peaceful, happy feeling in our home. The feeling of love and appreciation the whole day through, uninterrupted by little arguments or moments of losing patients with the boys. It really felt like heaven on earth in our home that day) John's reply was this, "I don't wish everyday was like today. It's too hard being you." He was obviously referring to changing all the diapers, making dinner etc......

Miles: We went to Shark Valley in the Everglades this past weekend and Miles had to go to the bathroom. I took him to the restrooms which were "out houses". Really nice ones actually. When we went in there I said to Miles, "This potty is a little different, you don't have to flush it." He took one look down that big dark hole and said, "Mom, little boys will fall in!" "No you won't Miles, I won't let you." He took another look down the hole and said, "Mom, there are tigers in there." Thankfully he only had to pee. Later on he said, "Mom, I have to poop." And I said, "Go get your dad." Good luck with that one John:)

Eli: Eli is quite a good little talker. It's amazing how in just one week they go from saying a couple two-word sentences to lots of two-word sentences etc. Tonight after dinner I said, "Let's go eat popsicles on the patio after dinner." "Should we do that?" Eli's reply was, "Ya, do dat, popickles.

I love all my boys and our conversations!!!!


Thompson Family said...

a day in the life of a mom :)

Elijah Nielson said...

Great comments-Eli's sounds very articulate. Loved hearing about Mile's fear of tigers in the outhouse--and John's comment cracked me up!

Natalie said...

Love the conversations :). We miss you guys!!