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Friday, March 19, 2010

What we've been up to lately

John: Yay John! He was elected as Moot Court President for next year. He's really excited and hopes to accomplish many great things.

Wendy: I've been running again and really enjoy it. Makes me wonder why I ever stopped in the first place. I've also been reading. The last couple months I've read:

The Same Kind of Different as Me
Sarah Palin, Going Rogue
Why Boys are Different and How to Bring Out The Best in Them

All of them were very enjoyable. I'm going to be starting The Red Tent next week. I've heard it's really good so I'm excited.

Miles: EXUBERANT AS EVER!! His new favorite snack is graham crackers and milk. His favorite color today is green. And he has a "friend" His name is Little Tiny. He comes to visit us during dinner time. He sits under the table and Miles feeds him. But he only comes sometimes. What this amounts to is Miles has thought of a very clever way to throw his food on the floor when he doesn't like his dinner. Because when he does like his dinner, Little Tiny is no where to be found.

Eli: He is growing so fast. He is 17 months going on 3. He like to practice his ABC's when Miles does and he tries to count when he hears us counting. And he loves to eat (I think it's because he was sick most of February and is catching up). One night he ate more spinach ravioli than John. WHOA! That's a lot of ravioli. He didn't even throw any of it up.

Well, that's all for now. Tomorrow we are going to a train museum because both our boys are obsessed. I'm sure we'll take pictures and post them soon.


Rookie Blog said...

Loved the update. Alexa even loves Thomas. Weird. so good to exercise. I started too and I actually am happier about my crazy lonely life.

Barbara Hurst said...

So glad to read things are going well. I'll be gone most of today, Saturday, to our Youth Conference. Hope to see you guys on the webcam tomorrow. Have fun at the museum. love, mom

Elijah Nielson said...

Fun clip! John is going to do great as MC President.

Marie Photographie said...

I love hearing what you guys are up to! Your boys sound so cute and smart!!

Jodi said...

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Jodi Hughes