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Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July fireworks.....Miles was really nervous about them this year. He would plug his ears, then grab our hand (arm) and wrap it around his face. He didn't cry or anything but he was pretty scared. The best part about the night was going with Colby, Kandis, Carter and Brooks. Carter and Miles thoroughly entertained each other while waiting for the fireworks. Miles fell right to sleep when we got home but woke up screaming about 2:45 am and would not go back to sleep until 5:00 am. I'm guessing he had bad dreams about........fireworks???

Miles new favorite thing (besides sticking his fingers in his nose) is his"car". John jerry-rigged a pampers box and wrapped his belt around the handle. He pulls Miles up and down the hallway and around the kitchen and living room. Sometimes they "crash" which Miles thinks is fun and then they get back in. When they get started up again Miles says "GO!" and dad starts to run. Then Miles will say, "Beep-beep." John's a good sport to pull him around.

I've been trying to incorporate baby Derek (that's the dolls name) into a few of our activities. The first couple of times he was thrown out of the "car". No way was he allowed in. Only Miles and his blanket. After a day or two Miles allowed him to ride in the car and the last time Miles actually went and got him and put him in the car.

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