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Monday, March 31, 2008

This pouty face is pretty common these days. Miles is throwing some crazy tantrums lately when you tell him no. We're working on them but man, this is one spirited little boy! Any suggestions?
We went over to Grandma Jeanne's on Easter Sunday. Dad and Miles had a great time walking around the pond and looking at the ducks.

John and I thought it would be festive to dye Easter eggs. It was fun for us, but what were we thinking? Miles just grabbed them and smashed them together and made huge messes with them. We still have a couple left in our refrigerator and every time I open it and Miles sees them (and doesn't get one) he falls to the floor, crying and kicking his legs. I think I'll just throw them away so we don't have to go through this ritual five times a day.

We hid cars in Miles Easter basket. He had a lot of fun digging them out and LOVES playing with them. I try to read books and sing songs to him but all he wants to do, all day long, everyday, is play with his cars. Today while I was singing "five little monkeys" he came up to me and put his hand over my mouth and handed me a car as if to say, "enough already mom, can we just get back to playing with my cars!"

ta da! Miles in his Easter tie.


Royce and Annika said...

Miles looks so big--like a little boy instead of a baby! Aaaaah, I'm missing out on so much!

By the way, nice hair John.


The Gardners said...

Wow! Miles is a little boy now! He's not a baby anymore!!! And John looks like a teenager with his long hair! Go John!! Miss you guys...

Rich & Natalie said...

Miles is just so cute! If you figure out anything about the tantrums, let us know :) Jack and Miles must be true cousins-- we have about 30 cars out all day, everyday. If it keeps 'em happy, right? We love the hair too, John.

Janet said...

I love Miles' pouty cute. My sister-in-law told me about the book "Parenting with love and logic" and I love it. Some good suggestions that I've received are don't give empty threats and follow through with what you say. Hopefully that makes sense and hopefully it helps :) Good luck