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Sunday, November 11, 2007

So, I haven't really written much lately, it's mostly been pics. But, Miles has been doing so many new things I thought we should share........

Miles walks all over the place. For the mean time, he's lost interest in books and movies because with his newly learned skill he has to go everywhere, see everything, and get into all sorts of stuff. A couple weeks ago I let him wander while I was folding laundry and I noticed it was quiet. I found Miles splashing in the toilet water (that was a new one). We now keep the bath room door closed.

He is VERY strong willed. If he gets a hold of something he's not supposed to have, and I take it away, he screams, really high pitched, like a girl, for a long time!!! Then he'll arch his back or throw himself to the floor. I thought he would do these things when he was 2, not 11 months. If he doesn't like what we're having to eat, he'll throw it on the floor, which is pretty typical, but then he'll scream until we take him out of his chair. Tonight for dinner he ate noodles with spaghetti sauce. He did his whole screaming thing and threw all of his noodles on the floor. So we cleaned him up and took him out of his chair. Instead of going off to play, he stayed right by his "spill mat" and ate all his noodles from the floor. I guess he was hungry, he just didn't want to be in his chair.

When I'm rocking him to bed at night, he loves "combing" his fingers through this hair (Huh, wonder where he gets that from?? Maybe someday it will turn into twisting). If I try to stroke his hair, he'll kindly take my hand and push it down on the blanket, and then start playing with his hair again. Only he can play with his hair. This is a ritual for us at bed time.

He's starting to "talk" a lot, it seems like he's making noises all the time. His latest one is the noise he makes when he plays cars. It's pretty cute (you'll hear it on the video). His favorite foods lately are raisins, pumpkin pie, oatmeal, yogurt, mandarin oranges, and lolly pops (well, he's only had two. One on Halloween and one tonight, but he LOVED them both times. When he was done with his tonight, he tried to take mine right out of my mouth. Normally I would let him win, but I had a butterscotch one from Sees. No way was I going to give that up).

Miles is really social. He loves the kids at church. Last week I started taking him and his friend Kai to the library for a play group (it's for babies ages 6 mo-2 years). He was not shy at all. Next week they're having a puppet show and I think He'll like that.

John and I really enjoy being his parents. Some days we want to sell him to the Gypsies.....but then he smiles or laughs and we fall in love all over again. We both still love going in his room at night and watching him sleep. We feel so blessed that we're all healthy and well, and that we're a family. We hope everyone has had a wonderful Sabbath day and that you all have a great week. -wendy


Will&Marie said...

Awesome post. I loved reading about all the things Miles is doing. Sounds like he's not lacking in personality and opinions! Thanks for sharing. :)

Kandis Mortensen said...

I LOVED the Miles update--I feel like I've missed some major Miles milestones and its only been a week! The pics are ADORABLE--hope to see you soon!